Attaining Mastery

The Master looked at his new apprentice…….. “Here, have these” he said as he handed over a lump of rough-hewn wood and a saw. He showed the apprentice how to use the saw and said “Go saw”.
He was then taught how to keep his saw sharp and clean.

When the apprentice got the hang of sawing, the Master gave him some finer grained wood and a sharper, finer, saw. He said “Go saw”.

Then it was the same with a chisel………….. “Go chisel”.
He was then taught how to keep his chisel sharp and clean.

When the apprentice’s sawing and chiselling  skills were good enough he was introduced to measuring and marking……… Then given plans to mark out, saw and chisel the finest wood into shape.

The years went by and each shape that the apprentice made was put into one of two piles. One pile increased rapidly, the other barely grew. Then, one day, the apprentice handed over his most recent piece and the Master smiled. He walked over to the tiny pile and picked up the pieces. Handing them over to the apprentice he said “Go assemble”. This is Qigong…………..

Mastery of Qigong - assembling the puzzel
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The Master can only lead the student so far. It is the student that completes the journey to Mastery. Attaining Mastery of Qigong – assembling the puzzle

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