Faux qigong

Faux qigong – are you practicing it? What is the difference between true Qigong and faux qigong (fake). True Qigong works with the Internal and circulates and enhances the Qi. The other, the bogus one, doesn’t. It is purely External and works with the physical body and, at best, there is some “wooly” mention of …

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Attaining Mastery

Mastery of Qigong - assembling the puzzel

The Master looked at his new apprentice…….. “Here, have these” he said as he handed over a lump of rough-hewn wood and a saw. He showed the apprentice how to use the saw and said “Go saw”. He was then taught how to keep his saw sharp and clean. When the apprentice got the hang …

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Medical Research on Taiji

During their medical research on Taiji, researchers in the United States, medical researchers analysed 47 studies looking at Taiji and the impact that it had on people with chronic health problems, like heart disease or MS. Their findings, published in The Archives of Internal Medicine, were that Taiji could improve balance control, flexibility and even …

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Taiji Classics – What do you get from them?

What do you get from the Taiji Classics? Do they give you any deeper insight into your Taiji? Chen Man Chin said “The Classics are our best link to our Taiji past. They are the basis of the art. By their nature they are discursive and redundant, but at the same time, profound. In the …

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