Reviews – Eight Exceptional Vessels

Testimonials from our, online, Eight Exceptional Vessels Qigong course.  Visit our Coupon Page to get a discount coupon for this course.


  • “Very clear, detailed and authentic.”
  • “I found this course to be well organized and well presented, by an instructor who clearly embodies the Qigong he has learned. The content is excellent. Thank you. One thing I would hope to be included in the course is a pdf of the points the instructor references as the protocols are taught.”
  • “Thanks Des – I’ve been ‘practising’ Tai chi and qigong for many years and not been taught properly and was confused by the flowery language that often seemed more like poetry than guidelines.Your two current online courses turn theory into application and precise practice in very effective ways for me.I look forward to absorbing this knowledge at a gentle pace;so it’s great to have it available whenever I need it.”
  • “informative – easy to understand – deep – applicable – wonderful”
  • “Another good course from Des Lawton. From the course introduction and explanation of terms which are nice and clear, to the well structured lessons with lots of detail of what to focus on which enhances the exercises the course is well authored. Des is certainly well versed in Qi gong and has a good presentation manner which makes learning enjoyable. For me this course has enhanced my understanding of the workings of Qi gong and will improve my practice of other forms. I would recommend this course to both beginners and experienced practitioners as it is written and presented in such a way as to be easily followed by either.”