Reviews – Connecting Heaven and Earth

Reviews from our, online, Connecting Heaven and Earth Qigong course.  Visit our Coupon Page to get a discount coupon for this course.


  • “As a complete beginner to Qigong the pace, explanation and content is well presented and easy to understand.”
  • “Exceptionally clear, detailed and helpful”
  • “Excellent course. The instructor is very knowledgeable, and explains all aspects of qigong very thoroughly. I would definitely recommend this course.”
  • “Excellent course. Clear and detailed video instruction building up the set/sequence slowly and carefully. Great student support. A real sense of one-to-one teaching with a personal touch from an expert.”
  • “this course is excellent! the pace is perfect with detailed instructions, the camera angles of the instructor, along with the meridian lines and points are also very helpful. The instructor is 100% knowledgeable and sincere.”
  • “enjoyed course learned several things I did not know even though I have been practising Tai Chi for a number of years”
  • “Easy to understand. Now need to put it into practice.”
  • “He’s very thorough”
  • “Very clearly and concisely explained.”
  • “Very comprehensive and multi-layered:a real masterclass!”
  • “course is well structured and very detailed, using the methods taught in the syllabus i feel more confident of my practice of this qigong sequence and have a better understanding of the internal aspects of the practice to focus the mind to develop my practice. The individual break down of each movement is very helpful and gives you the internal meridian points to focus your mind on as you perform each movement, the completed sequence is very calming and i can already feel improved reduction in tension throughout the body the longer i perform the movements. The listening exercises are interesting and the changes in sensations vary with time and focus during practice . i would highly recommend this course for beginners and experienced qigong practitioners.”
  • “Introduction to self and Qigong very clear and understandable. The explanation of key words by text where the learner can review them later is very helpful, (also a good reminder for experienced learners). Breakdown of the moves were very well explained and gave ample time to practise. Explanations were very clear and understandable and directions easy to follow. Demonstration of the full movement was again very clear to follow and gave ample time to practice. Overall I feel this course was well put together, well presented and met the expectations. Course is ideal for both beginning and experienced learners, I myself was reminded of many aspects in relation to my Qigong practice which is always helpful. Having attended courses delivered in person by Des Lawton I can see that he has applied the same open indepth instruction here as he does in person. I would recommend this course to those new to Qigong and experienced practitioners.”