Questions about the Embroidered Brocade Qigong

questions about the embroidered brocade
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These are some of the very many questions about the Embroidered Brocade Qigong that have been asked of me over the years and I wish that I had kept a note of all of them. Unfortunately I didn’t but these are some of the Qigong questions and answers that I do have on record. If you have a question, or can add to an answer, please use the comments box and I will add to them

From Robert

i already do billowing sail slightly different as turning the wheel of heaven but here the breathing is opposite i am used to breathing out as i sink forward and in as i sink back what is the reason for this please des?
ps great course

Hi Robert, before I can give you an answer can you tell me if you practice “Turning the Wheel of Heaven”, with the front foot peeled and lifted off of the floor in the same way? Or do you practice with the feet kept on the floor but with the front toes and rear heel lifting alternately?

From Robert:
the version i do is from robert pengs 8 cycle chi qong sit back toes from floor not lifting foot completely and sit forward back heel lifted the breathing is from traditional tai chi out moving forward in sitting back yours is great teaching back your post awarness and listening are priceless incidentally udemy seems to have a virus any lesson i click on is already completed and i have too reset everything also the last 2 questions i have had to post twice as they are not coming up hope you get this one?

Hello Robert,
externally, these exercises are similar but internally they working differently. However both are, primarily, working with Water (the Kidney and Bladder meridians).

The Billowing Sail

BThe Qi is drawn up through KD1 in the rear foot on the inhalation. On exhalation it is guided down to KD1 in the front foot. The lifting/flexing action of the front foot stimulates the Bladder and Kidney points in the ankle.
Why draw up and then expel? Even without using visualization (you can augment this if you wish by using visualization) you are circulating your Kidney Qi, drawing in fresh Qi and getting rid of stale Qi.

Turning the Wheel of Heaven

When practiced properly this exercise sinks the Qi through KD1 in the front foot before sinking it through KD1 in the rear foot. Again, the flexing of the feet stimulates the Bladder and Kidney points in the ankles.

Where this exercise often goes wrong:-

  • Overextension of the forward and rearward movement means that the physical root is not through KD1 and that impedes the practitioner’s ability to sink the Qi through this point.
  • Pushing down on the rear toes to lift the ankle (usually caused by too long a stance). The ankle should peel off of the floor as a result of the sinking into the front foot.
  • Both feet flexing at the same time.

To summarise:-

Billowing Sail circulates and replenishes KD Qi as well as enhancing the practitioner’s ability to sink the Qi.
Turning the Wheel of Heaven enhances the practitioer’s ability to sink the Qi and also stimulates KD Qi.



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