Shen Experiences

Shen Experiences – What students are saying

I have uploaded some of the Shen experiences that, in their own words and diagrams, students are having while practicing and as a result of practicing the Four Shen Qigong. It takes time and focus to gain access to the awareness and perception that these Qigong can develop. However, some benefits are quick to attain.

The first Shen Qigong – The rooting and connecting experienced.

Shen experiences - the rooting and grounding that can be felt tangibly.
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The first Shen Qigong – The expansion experienced.

Shen experiences - The, tangible, expansion of awareness felt.
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“Think being screwed into the ground stops the lift off! Very fizzy feet for a while afterwards. I’ve been blaming the 10 fundamentals for opening up more smell and sound (extra access via right ear) but this one would probably blow those out the water….”

From the initial exposure to Shen exercise 1

  • “I found the Shen exercise we did today very interesting and felt quite mentally settled after it. I feel this might be a very good exercise to do before my morning meditation – I usually do some form of qiqong, but this one seems particularly appropriate. Will try it out and see.”
  • “I enjoyed learning the shen qigong today. It has left me feeling calm and centered, like I would after meditation.”

Comparing exercises 1 & 2

  • “Hi Des, Here’s my feedback on the exercise we did: On the first one (with hands facing inward), I felt a great expansion within my body, so I felt like my whole body was filled and energised on the inside and my 3rd eye had expanded outward. On the other one (with hands facing out) I felt a great expansion outside my body. So I felt incredibly expanded so that I almost didn’t know where my body began or ended. Very hard to explain!”

    Yes, very hard to put into words that have, up till now, only been used to describe the physical. The outward expansion can often lead to your awareness being a single point that is both infinitely small and infinitely big at the same time. A real paradox of an experience when the body “disappears” as the barriers between physical and energetic are removed.

The first Shen Qigong – The awareness and experience deepens.

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The second Shen Qigong – The initial awareness from this exercise.

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Three experiences from the one session

Couple of things I noticed last night

  1. When we were doing the looking down between our fingers in the gap, I could almost see an oily film like the surface of a bubble. Not as coloured as that but moving on the surface in the same way.
  2. In the exercise before that, when I was raising my hands to the back of my head it was as if my head was taking up much more room at the front. Kind of like a big balloon or watermelon. My head itself didn’t feel bigger if that makes sense it just felt like it occupied more space.
  3. Also hard again to fall asleep. So I tried to concentrate on looking at inside of my eyelids. Saw new colour I’ve not really seen before, a swirling dark brown and red. Almost like paint being stirred.
  1. That “oily bubble” can appear as “light reflecting off of a cellophane film”, “vague colours swirling”, “oil on water”, etc. It’s great that you picked it up.
  2. What you were experiencing there was the expanse of the Qi (your awareness of the Qi outwith the physical body). This is partly what I meant when I said that both of the exercises lead to the same place………….. That enlarged space can be interpreted as being inside or outside but it is both.
  3. Great that you saw colours but remind me of the sleeping difficulty next week so that I can give you all a grounding exercise. The Shen Qigong can be like drinking a lot of strong coffee (with the exception of the twitchiness) before going to bed.

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