Learn Qigong at The Wee Retreat

Learn Qigong at the wee retreat - ba duan jin
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Join us to learn Qigong at The Wee Retreat. Our class commences at 20:30 on Wednesday evenings. We teach a number of different Qigong, working from a basic level and introducing more profound methods and tools as we go. This class is suitable for all levels of experience.

Qigong and Health

We would all like to make improvements to our health and well being (and therefore to our lives). In the western world this usually involves going to the gym and expelling lots of energy while thinking about the other things that we “should” be doing.

There is another way, one that has been practiced in China for thousands of years. It can be practiced anywhere and anytime and is a pleasure to do. It is a method that does not need specialised equipment or lots of space. So, if your goal for improvement includes any of the following, Qigong pronounced chee gong) may well be your best way forward.

Would you like to: –

  • lower your stress levels
  • increase your vitality
  • have better quality sleep
  • have better posture
  • reduce the number of tension headaches you get
  • have a better, more efficient, immune system
  • lower, or regulate, your blood pressure
  • reduce chronic pain

One of the sets of Qigong that we teach is the Five Taoist Yin. They are easy to learn and, once learned, they are an enjoyment rather than a chore.  An hour out of your day to attend this class could have a lasting, beneficial, effect on your life.  So, what are you waiting for?

Where: Learn Qigong at the Wee Retreat, 2 Myrtle Park, Glasgow, G42 8UQ

Day & time: Wednesday evening from 20:30 till 21:30
Booking: This class currently has availability. To book a place, please use our Contact Us form. Please note that this is not a drop in class.
Cost: £8.00 per class. Payable on a monthly basis.

Instructor: Des Lawton

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  1. Is it just the Shibashi that you will be teaching at this class?

    1. No, we will be covering Dao Yin and Wuji stance as well as the Shibashi in the first few months. Then I will start to introduce other Qigong sets such as The Five Taoist Yin, the Embroidererd Brocade, Connecting Heaven and Earth, etc.

      The emphasis is on doing Qigong………….. working with Qi so the movements, focus, etc. will need to be precise.


  2. Hi 🙂 Do the classes start on 09/01/19 or 06/02/19 ?


    1. Hi Mandy,
      The Wee Retreat class starts on Wednesday 6th February. If you wish to book a space you can call me on 01355266011


  3. We held the first of the Qigong Classes at the Wee Retreat tonight. It is a really nice space and had very good energy. I’m pleased to say that we had a full house and that this class is fully booked.

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