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The reason that I created the Qigong for Fibromyalgia online course is that as part of my Shiatsu practice I often teach and prescribe appropriate Qigong for Fibromyalgia sufferers and, from the feedback that I have received, each of them has benefited from practicing these exercises.

The course is hosted on the Udemy learning website and is covered by the Udemy lifetime access guarantee. The course costs £19.99 and currently has a 25% discount so you only pay £14.99. You can book onto it using this discount link – Qigong for Fibromyalgia

In this course, each Qigong exercise will be broken down into two lessons: The instructions, including movement, breathing and focus. Then a follow me video.

The three exercises shown in the course are among the most common of those that I prescribe and they should provide relief from symptoms. But as everyone is different their Fibromyalgia symptoms can also be different. This means that tailored treatment is more likely to be successful in keeping symptoms at bay and empowering the sufferer, giving them the opportunity to be proactive when dealing with their condition. That said, the three exercises that I have selected for the course should reduce many of the symptoms as they are among those most commonly prescribed.

Using Qigong is a slow, gentle, process that gradually reduces pain, increases mobility and increases stamina. However, it is not a quick fix but, with daily practice, these benefits grow and stabilise.

Qigong for Fibomyalgia – the Benefits

  • The first exercise works with the Yin and Yang meridians in the legs. It increases overall energy, it increases flexibility and it reduces pain.
  • The second exercise works with the Gall Bladder and Liver meridians. It increases flexibility in the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. It also reduces pain.
  • The third exercise increases flexibility in the hips and the lower back. It also reduces upper back pain, lumbar pain, hip and thigh pain.
Qigong for fibromyalgia - wuji stance
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Booking on to the course

Further details can be found in the free previews
The course costs £19.99 and currently has a 25% discount so you only pay £14.99.
Order it here – Qigong for Fibromyalgia

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