Qigong for Chronic Back Pain – Get moving again

Practicing Qigong properly, guided by the tuition in our online Qigong for Chronic Back Pain course, could have a massive impact on your life. If you are suffering with chronic back pain, whether that is sacral, lumbar, thoracic, or cervical these exercises can help reduce that pain and increase your mobility. They are done in a seated posture and gently, very gently, increase the muscle tone while simultaneously increasing your range of movement.

Qigong for Chronic Back Pain

I believe in empowering my Shiatsu clients who suffer with chronic ailments such as back pain. To do this I often teach and prescribe the appropriate Qigong that can assist in ridding them of chronic pain and helping them on the road to recovery. Any chronic pain will also have a psychological impact on the sufferer that can lead to lethargy and depression. Qigong, when practiced properly, increases energy, vitality and mood.

The feedback that I have received regarding the effect of Qigong has led me to create a series of online courses for people who are suffering from chronic ailments. Not everyone has access to a Shiatsu practitioner but most people have access to the internet and this course should be of real benefit to them. I am now starting to receive feedback from those who are using this facility and gaining from it.

The course is hosted on the Udemy learning website and is covered by the Udemy lifetime access guarantee. The course costs £19.99 and currently has a 25% discount so you only pay £14.99. You can book onto it using this discount link – Qigong for Chronic Back Pain.

“Qigong does not produce quick fixes but, through time and practice, it has a cumulative effect on health and well being. How long it takes is dependent on many factors, the biggest two being frequency and quality of practice.
If you follow Des’s guidelines in this course I feel sure that you will notice a difference……… but try to be patient with yourself and give the Qigong (and yourself) a chance.”

In this course, each of the seated Qigong exercise will be broken down into two lessons: The instructions, including movement, breathing and focus and then a follow me video that is filmed, for more clarity, from two angles.

These three exercises are those that i teach and prescribe for chronic back pain. When practiced on a daily basis they can gradually increase mobility, strength and stability in the back.

Booking on to the course

Further details can be found in the free previews
The course costs £19.99 and currently has a 25% discount so you only pay £14.99.
Order it here – Qigong for Chronic Back Pain.

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