On Site Shiatsu Massage

Corporate Services: Shiatsu in the workplace

Pro Holistic provide an on site Shiatsu massage service for corporate clients.  This service comes at no cost to the company and benefits both the company and the employees.


On site Shiatsu Massage

on site shiatsu massageThere is no cost to the companies who take part in the on site Shiatsu Massage scheme. The only things that the companies need to provide are: –

A suitable room to be used for on site Shiatsu massage treatment (equipment such as a futon or on site shiatsu massage chair is provided by Pro Holistic).

Time off for the employee to attend the clinic – sessions are usually half an hour long (This could during their lunch break).

As the treatment room is being provided by the company, the employees attending the clinic receive treatment at a reduced rate. Employees appreciate that the company has subsidised their treatment and this has an immediate effect on moral as the employer is seen to be “caring”.

Do the clinics come under the auspices of Human Resources or Occupational Health? Effectively the clinic benefits both.
The main benefit for Human Resources is that the employee feels that they really mean something to the company, that the company is actively promoting a stress reduction programme, and they associate the feeling of well-being that results from on site Shiatsu Massage with their workplace.

For Occupational Health, the benefits of on site Shiatsu Massage are a speedier recovery from injuries, etc., and a reduction in stress related illnesses (headaches, insomnia, panic attacks, etc.).

Experience in providing the on site Shiatsu Massage service for companies such as Scottish Nuclear, British Energy, Scottish Enterprise, EDF, Insurance Management Group and Spence Allan Associates has shown the scheme to be effective on all fronts. The uptake from staff for therapy work has been across the spectrum – from the store-man with back problems to board members who appreciate the relaxing qualities of Shiatsu. In each of these companies the response has been excellent, as have the benefits to both company and employee.


On site Shiatsu Massage benefits

How does the availability of on site Shiatsu Massage on employees help companies to attain extra profit?
Job Stress Scenario – less stress, less absenteeism, higher moral, higher efficiency and higher output. Also, with happy employees you get happy customers.

Major benefits for the company are: –

  • Increased morale of those using the service.
  • Heightened loyalty.
  • Employee stress reduction.
  • Reduction of sick leave.
  • Increased output.
  • Defence against possible future litigation for work related stress. The company has provided access to stress reducing therapies and has also subsidised these by providing the necessary facilities.

Benefits for the employee: –

  • Feeling of well-being that is associated with their place of work.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Feeling of worth, of being cared for by the company.
  • Subsidised treatment.

On site Shiatsu Massage provides proactive healthcare at little or no cost to the company. The only cost being the provision of space (this can be the first aid room, or any other room that is free at the time) and allowing very little time off for personnel (less that some smoking breaks!).

Shiatsu Massage is a Japanese therapy with its roots firmly entrenched in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Although it is used to treat chronic ailments, it is also a very potent preventative therapy for stress related illness. If this aspect is utilised within the Human Resources and Occupational Health Departments of any company it could also be a major preventative of claims actions.


Clinical research on the benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Findings from the European Shiatsu Federation research study carried out by Professor Andrew Long at the University of Leeds.
The Experience and Effects of Shiatsu: A Cross-European Study.

  • 89% of Shiatsu receivers felt calmer and more relaxed.
  • Up to 60% of regular shiatsu receivers slept better.
  • Receivers rated their symptoms as significantly reduced throughout the 6 month study.
  • 86% said that shiatsu was effective in treating stress and tension, structural and postural problems, low energy and fatigue.
  • Overall, Shiatsu receivers adopted a more relaxedhealthier and balancedapproach to life.
  • Reduced use of conventional medicine.

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Who benefits from Shiatsu treatment?

Although Shiatsu is a Medicinal Therapy recognised by the Japanese Government for almost 60 years, and a recognised Non-conventional Medical Discipline by the European Parliament, you do not need to be ill or injured to benefit from Shiatsu Therapy. In my practice, there are two distinct groups of people who receive treatment: –

Patients – those who are ill, injured, or in any type of pain or distress. In this case, Shiatsu is used to reduced pain and discomfort, reduce stress, increase quality of sleep, etc.

Clients – those people who have either received treatment as patients and discovered the benefits of regular Shiatsu, and those people who have come along (without being ill) just for the feeling of well-being that Shiatsu provides.


The cost of absenteeism

Absenteeism in British industry costs tens of millions of pounds each year in lost productivity. This is just the tip of the iceberg however as more and more employees and ex-employees are turning to litigation against employers. In particular, employers are extremely vulnerable to claims for stress and back pain/problems. Companies have the foresight to insure themselves against loss of revenue through accident, fire & theft, but up until recently their attitude regarding action of this nature has been rather myopic. Many have their corporate fingers crossed against the spectre of litigation – these are the same fingers that may eventually get burned.

Here are some interesting facts: –

Each year in the United Kingdom 11 million working days are lost to back pain. It’s worth taking time to view the summary of the H.S.E. – Musculoskeletal disorders report. 9 million days are lost to stress. Please read the summary of the HSE report H.S.E. Stress-related and psychological disorders. Around two in every five workers suffer from back pain every year. (H.S.E.) Back pain and work related stress are the two most common causes of absenteeism. (C.B.I. absenteeism survey) Stress related claims have risen 83% since 1983. (H.S.E.) Employee stress is the main emerging risk for UK organisations. (The Association of Insurance and Risk Managers) Around one in five workers are suffering from high levels of work related stress at any one time (H.S.E.)

Please take time to read the rest of this proposal. It could make your job easier, lower absenteeism levels and increase the morale and output of your employees.


Pro Holistic

Pro Holistic is based in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire from where we provide our corporate services UK wide, in addition to our local services in the Lanarkshire, East Renfrewshire, North Ayrshire, and Glasgow areas.

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