On Line Stress Level Evaluation

Stress Level Evaluation

In the last month, have you experienced: –

Tick each check-box that applies to you, then press the Submit button for an evaluation of your stress level.


Headaches Anxiety
Backache Depression
Tight or tense muscles Confusion
Neck & shoulder pain Excessive persiration
Jaw tension Compulsive behaviour
Teeth grinding Irrational fears
Muscle cramps or spasms Forgetfulness
Nausea Feeling overwhelmed, or overloaded
Insomnia Feeling that you can’t slow down
Fatigue, lack of energy Mood swings
Cold hands &/or feet Loneliness
High blood pressure Problems with relationships
Tightness or pressure in the head Unhappy with work


Diarrhoea Restlessnes
Constipation More irritable than usual
Stomach pains or ulcer Frequently feeling bored
Digestive upsets (cramps, bloating) Frequently worrying
Skin conditions (e.g. rash) Frequent feelings of guilt
Allergies Getting angry, losing temper
Frequent colds Crying, sometimes for no reason
Rapid heartbeat, even at rest Nightmares
Appetite change / weight change Feeling apathetic
Sexual problems
Loss of libido
Increased use of any of the following:

food, alcohol, cigarettes, recreational drugs,
or prescribed drugs


Pro-Holistic provides Shiatsu, Healing Qigong therapy, on-site massage, Stress Management courses, and Stress Management workshops. We also provide tuition in Qigong, Taiji, Neijia, and self defence.

Pro Holistic is based in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire from where we provide our services to the Lanarkshire, East Renfrewshire, North Ayrshire, and Glasgow areas.