Course Feedback – Connecting Heaven and Earth

Course Feedback - Connecting Heaven and Earth

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Students’ Comments

From Cecilia

“A thoroughly enjoyable, well presented and comprehensive course during which very thorough explanations and demonstrations were given. I particularly found being able to see the positions performed both from a front and side view very helpful and also the information given on the points on the meridians affected in each of the positions. This course really is as close to one to one tuiton as you can possibly get on line. Thank you, I loved it!”

From Livia

“This Qigong course is so applicable and well done–a real treasure to add to your toolbox for promoting wellness. Instructor Des Lawton of “Connecting Heaven and Earth Qigong” is an adept teacher of ancient and complex material, whose method transmits the essentials to students, allowing them to achieve a meaningful practice immediately, creating the foundation for continued study. There was emphasis on developing self-awareness and attunement to the mind-body connection which is helpful in all aspects of improved quality of life. An example of this was the lesson on posture that through practical exercises brings to light awareness of one’s body’s habitual balance developed over a lifetime so that the student can develop correct stance and connection to maximize energy flow and centering. Another amazing asset is that unlike many other online course instructors in this discipline, Mr. Lawton is personally accessible and answers questions, truly caring about providing each one of his students an engaging, rewarding experience. I look forward to learning more from this gifted and professional teacher!”

From Mark

“Excellent course. Great explanation of theory and good, clear instructions. Well paced. Highly recommended.”

From Rubina

“Mr Lawton was recommended by my teacher Laura. I am a student of the Glasgow School of Shiatsu. MY teacher mentioned to take a few Qi gong classes which will help enhance my learning and knowledge….. I liked how to listen to my Ki as I had been wondering how it was done.”

From Sherida

“The course is very well explained and taken right from the beginning so that it’s not necessary to know anything about it first. It’s important to get an understanding of the background to Qi Gong too. Very helpful.”

From Mari

“This is the best Wuji stance explanation I’ve found. Very very good teacher. I am happy and grateful that I found him. He explains all in detail and slowly. It is exactly what you need when you are new to this.”

From Charles

“A very simple series of movements to learn from and memorize. Good job!”

From Angela

“An absolute gem of a course which I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to begin, or to improve, the practice of Qigong. A very knowledgable, experienced instructor communicates what you need to know, in a natural, friendly, understandable way. Detailed images show important focal points on the body, and video footage gives a superbly clear demonstration of how to do the physical movements – the excercises shown both frontally, and in profile. The most common beginner’s errors are explained, as well as how to correct them, and the deeper experience that comes through repeated practice is intimated, but left to the individual to discover freely for themselves. Navigation back and forth to refer to various points is so easy, the content so well organised, that the result is a truly flexible, effective learning tool – and a resource you can keep and refer back to anytime! The instructor responds promptly and fully to any questions about the course matter too, so it’s as near as you could wish to having one-to-one tuition from a teacher in the privacy of your own home! This course offers an authentic, user-friendly means to enable practice at your own pace, and the reassurance that your instructor is there if you have any doubts or questions. Thank you Des Lawton!”

From Dean

“Clear instruction and demonstrations. I could feel the chi after doing the movements.”

From Alex

“Excellent information and, rarely shared insight about the subject!”

From Samantha

“Very clear explanations setting the outline and expectations clearly and encouraging participants to continue. the illustrations during the movement sequences were particularly helpful.”

From Celeste

“These are wonderful forms. The teaching is very clear. Anyone who practices qigung seriously should experience this form.”

From Kevin

“Exceptionally clear, detailed and helpful.”

From Mary

“I found this course to reinforce the best of what I have learned over the last four years of serious (or should I say light-hearted) Qigong practice and study. The teaching is thorough and well-spoken. I appreciate the time the instructor takes to have the student experience each component of the teaching without any sense of rush – just as it should be! Thank you.”

From Linda

“Excellent course. The instructor is very knowledgeable, and explains all aspects of qigong very thoroughly. I would definitely recommend this course.”

From Marion

“enjoyed course learned several things I did not know even though I have been practising Tai Chi for a number of years.”

From Nick

“As a complete beginner to Qigong the pace, explanation and content is well presented and easy to understand.”

From Patricia

“This course is excellent! the pace is perfect with detailed instructions, the camera angles of the instructor, along with the meridian lines and points are also very helpful. The instructor is 100% knowledgeable and sincere.”

From Craig

“course is well structured and very detailed, using the methods taught in the syllabus i feel more confident of my practice of this qigong sequence and have a better understanding of the internal aspects of the practice to focus the mind to develop my practice. The individual break down of each movement is very helpful and gives you the internal meridian points to focus your mind on as you perform each movement, the completed sequence is very calming and i can already feel improved reduction in tension throughout the body the longer i perform the movements. The listening exercises are interesting and the changes in sensations vary with time and focus during practice . i would highly recommend this course for beginners and experienced qigong practitioners.”

From Frank

“Very comprehensive and multi-layered:a real masterclass!”

From Karen

“Excellent course. Clear and detailed video instruction building up the set/sequence slowly and carefully. Great student support. A real sense of one-to-one teaching with a personal touch from an expert.”

From Jake

“Introduction to self and Qigong very clear and understandable. The explanation of key words by text where the learner can review them later is very helpful, (also a good reminder for experienced learners). Breakdown of the moves were very well explained and gave ample time to practise. Explanations were very clear and understandable and directions easy to follow. Demonstration of the full movement was again very clear to follow and gave ample time to practice. Overall I feel this course was well put together, well presented and met the expectations. Course is ideal for both beginning and experienced learners, I myself was reminded of many aspects in relation to my Qigong practice which is always helpful. Having attended courses delivered in person by Des Lawton I can see that he has applied the same open indepth instruction here as he does in person. I would recommend this course to those new to Qigong and experienced practitioners.”

This is just some of the feedback from our online Connecting Heaven and Earth Qigong course. Pro Holistic also runs this course in Scotland as well as providing Qigong workshops for other organisations and schools. Please contact us if you require further details or would like us to teach a workshop, or course, for you.

Interested in Qigong? We have a group of Qigong enthusiasts (on Facebook) that you might want to join that is used by students and teachers to exchange ideas and ask questions. It is part of the San Bao Qigong.

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