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Our Stress Management & Release courses are based on the use of Chinese Qigong (Chi Kung) breathing techniques that have the effect of altering the brainwave pattern from beta wave to alpha wave. As the brainwaves enter alpha rhythm, stress is reduced, the immune system is strengthened, and the creative mind has the opportunity to switch on. It is rather like bio-feedback but without all the electronic apparatus, and, with practice, the changes in the body/mind that occur during the exercises become more tangible and it becomes much easier to attain this level of calmness, alertness, and creativity.



The Cost of Stress on British Industry

  • Each year in the United Kingdom 9 million days are lost to stress (for further information, please read the summary of the HSE report H.S.E. Stress-related and psychological disorders).
  • Stress related claims have risen 83% since 1983. (H.S.E.)
  • Employee stress is the main emerging risk for UK organisations. (The Association of Insurance and Risk Managers)
  • Around one in five workers are suffering from high levels of work related stress at any one time (H.S.E.)
  • Back pain and work related stress are the two most common causes of absenteeism (C.B.I. absenteeism survey).


Stress Management – Aims

Our Stress Management course is designed to enable personnel to identify the causes of stress in themselves and others, to recognise the early symptoms of stress, to take preventative action , and to manage stress.

Stress Management – Objectives

  • To define what is meant by stress.
  • To identify the causes of stress.
  • To be aware of the early warning signs by recognising the symptoms of stress.
  • To teach tried and tested techniques in order to prevent and manage personal stress levels.

Stress Management – Course content

Defining and Identifying Stress: –

  • Positive and negative stress.
  • Impact of stress-related illness and stress-related absence.
  • Types of stress.
  • The various causes of stress.
  • Symptoms of stress and how to recognise them.
  • Early warning signs.

Preventing Stress: –

  • Tackling the root causes.
  • Personal responsibility and your responsibility for others.
  • Identifying stress-prone individuals.
  • Creating and maintaining stressor-free work culture and environment.
  • Personal stress prevention techniques.

Dealing with Stress: –

  • Personal stress management, stress reduction and relaxation techniques.
  • Providing support for colleagues who are under stress.


Benefits of Stress Management

Benefits for the company: –

  • Increased employee morale.
  • Healthier employees.
  • Happier employees.
  • Higher efficiency & output.
  • Reduced, stress related, sick leave.
  • Defence against possible future litigation for work related stress.

Benefits for the employee: –

  • Reduced stress.
  • Increase in the efficiency of the immune system.
  • Increase in energy.
  • Increase in creativity.
  • Longer attention span and the ability to stay focussed.
  • Improvement in relationships, both working and personal.


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Stress management - hard day at the officeIf you are concerned about your own stress levels, or what levels of stress that your staff are enduring, use our online Stress Evaluation Form and get instant feedback.

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