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Corporate Services: Self Defence for Employees

Self defence for employees - healthy risk assessment.




Our self defence for employees courses and workshops can be tailored to suit the particular requirements of the company concerned. However, we have a tried and tested formula that comprises of two one-day workshops. The first of these focusses on awareness, posture (don’t advertise that you are a potential victim), and self defence techniques against an unarmed opponent.






This two-day course (12 hours) comprises of a short lecture followed with practical Self Defence Techniques. Due to the time constraints, defence against weapons cannot be included in this workshop and are included in Part 2.


Lecture Contents

  • Prevention & avoidance
  • Awareness & self confidence
  • Fear & its effects – adrenaline & how to make use of it
  • How to srike effectively
  • Harassment – workplace
  • Self-defence and the Law

Practical Workshop Contents

  • Evasion awareness & posture
  • Wrist hold escapes
  • Clothing hold escapes
  • Arm hold escapes
  • Choke hold escapes
  • Hair hold escapes
  • Finger locks
  • Wrist locks
  • Arm locks
  • Shoulder locks
  • Choke holds
  • Take down methods
  • Throws
  • Effective strikes
  • Body weapons
  • Utilising weapons to hand



This one-day course (6 hours) comprises of a two-hour (aprox.) session to reinforce the techniques taught in Part 1 followed by more advanced methods, including defence against weapons.


  • Awareness & posture
  • Wrist hold escapes
  • Clothing hold escapes
  • Arm hold escapes
  • Choke hold escapes
  • Hair hold escapes
  • Evading strikes
  • Finger locks




Major benefits for the company are: –

  • A more confident staff
  • Reduced risk of harassment claims
  • Reduced risk of assault injury to employees

Benefits for the employee: –

  • Feeling of wellbeing that is associated with their place of work.
  • Stress reduction
  • Feeling of worth, of being cared for by the company

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