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I’m on my soapbox

I’m on my soapbox……….. Why? Well it is something that affects me directly as I sell my Qigong courses online and I am being ripped off. I have just seen a sickening example of this from a course I have on Udemy. The course sells at £64.99 but by the time that Udemy and third …

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Living in the Present

Living in the present - Lao Tzu

How many times do we need to be reminded that we should be living in the present, to be 100% here and now? I have picked three of my favourite pieces of wisdom on this matter, each from a different background but each with the same message. From Taoism “If you are depressed, you are …

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Thinking About Insomnia Keeps Me Awake!


Everyone has one of those nights when they cannot drop off to sleep. Insomnia on one of those nights is not a problem but when it runs to two, three,four and more there is most definitely a problem. Our sleeping hours turn into hours of restlessness and the hours when we should be awake and …

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