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Medical Research on Taiji

During their medical research on Taiji, researchers in the United States, medical researchers analysed 47 studies looking at Taiji and the impact that it had on people with chronic health problems, like heart disease or MS. Their findings, published in The Archives of Internal Medicine, were that Taiji could improve balance control, flexibility and even …

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Taoist Wisdom

Lao Tzu - Taoist Wisdom

Taoist wisdom has, for millennia, given us hints and guidance for a successful, content and full life. Spiritually successful……………. I will, time permitting, be looking at a number of them and giving my own insight into what message I have received from each in regard to Qigong and Taiji. Lao Tzu’s Taoist Wisdom “Intellectual knowledge …

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Living in the Present

Living in the present - Lao Tzu

How many times do we need to be reminded that we should be living in the present, to be 100% here and now? I have picked three of my favourite pieces of wisdom on this matter, each from a different background but each with the same message. From Taoism “If you are depressed, you are …

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Qigong Questions & Answers

I have had very many Qigong questions asked of me over the years and I wish that I had kept a note of all of them. That way I could follow my own progress as my answers must have changed over the years in line with my own understanding. These are the Qigong questions and …

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Taiji Classics – What do you get from them?

What do you get from the Taiji Classics? Do they give you any deeper insight into your Taiji? Chen Man Chin said “The Classics are our best link to our Taiji past. They are the basis of the art. By their nature they are discursive and redundant, but at the same time, profound. In the …

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Questions about Connecting Heaven & Earth Qigong

Over the decades I have had very many questions about Connecting Heaven and Earth Qigong asked of me. Many are repeated so I thought that it would be a good idea to add them to the Pro Holistic blog. That should, in theory at least, give practitioners who are not my direct students the chance …

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Questions about the Embroidered Brocade Qigong

embroidered brocade - white crane

These are some of the very many questions about the Embroidered Brocade Qigong that have been asked of me over the years and I wish that I had kept a note of all of them. Unfortunately I didn’t but these are some of the Qigong questions and answers that I do have on record. If …

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Working with the Yin Meridians

Working with the Yin Meridians - Metal

When working with the Yin Meridians, Qigong can have a profound effect on specific ailments and help provide a route back to well-being. Each Element has its own qualities and governs certain aspects of our being. Therefore they have an impact on ailments that are associated with the things that they govern. In this article …

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Course Feedback – Connecting Heaven and Earth

From Linda “Excellent course. The instructor is very knowledgeable, and explains all aspects of qigong very thoroughly. I would definitely recommend this course.” From Marion “enjoyed course learned several things I did not know even though I have been practising Tai Chi for a number of years.” From Nick “As a complete beginner to Qigong …

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Listening Jing – enhance your Qigong

Listening Jing. Take time to be aware of the changes in your Qi.

Without Listening Jing (listening to the Qi) you cannot do Qigong.  Without listening you are merely doing aerobic exercises. Disconnected piano keys Imagine a piano where the keys are not connected to the hammers.  Every key sounds the same, the same dull clunk.  It is only when the key is re-attached that the strings can …

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Learn Qigong at The Wee Retreat

Learn Qigong at the wee retreat - ba duan jin

Join us to learn Qigong at The Wee Retreat. Our new class commences on Wednesday February 6th where we will be learning, popular demand, the Five Taoist Yin Qigong. Great to see that the class is already half way booked! We would all like to make improvements to our health and well being (and therefore …

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