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The Functions of the Yin Meridians within Qigong

When practicing Qigong, once the functions of the Yin meridians are understood the practitioner will have a deeper understanding of what benefits each Qigong brings. In this article I will cover both the classical TCM functions and those attributed through the art of Zen Shiatsu. FIRE – Heart TCM Functions of the Yin meridians It …

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Online Qigong: Eight Exceptional Vessels

the eight exceptional vessels qigong

The Qigong exercises in the Online Qigong: Eight Exceptional Vessels course work with the Qi that is stored in the Eight Exceptional Vessels (aka the Extraordinary Meridians). These vessels are often likened to reservoirs that store Qi and blood while the Meridians can be likened to rivers that carry the Qi. Online Qigong: Eight Exceptional …

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Online Qigong: Connecting Heaven & Earth

The stand alone exercise in the Online Qigong: Connecting Heaven & Earth course is for people who are serious about Qigong, no matter what their current level of experience is. It is for people who want to practice true Qigong, to work Internally, rather than practicing slowed down aerobics. Online Qigong: Connecting Heaven & Earth …

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Qigong for Fibromyalgia

Qigong for Fibromyalgia – Empower yourself to health The reason that I created the Qigong for Fibromyalgia online course is that as part of my Shiatsu practice I often teach and prescribe appropriate Qigong for Fibromyalgia sufferers and, from the feedback that I have received, each of them has benefited from practicing these exercises. Discount …

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The Functions of the Yang Meridians within Qigong

Triple Heater meridian

When practicing Qigong, the functions of the Yang meridians are often overlooked, or misunderstood. In this article I will cover both the classical TCM functions and those attributed through the art of Zen Shiatsu. FIRE – Triple Heater / Triple Warmer TCM Functions of the Yang meridians Combined, the Triple Heater has a general function …

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The Art of Healing with Qigong

Healing with Qigong (pronounced chee gung) has been used in China for centuries. It is still being used in the 21st century alongside “modern” medicine and that says a lot about its efficacy. It is the art or science of using, working with and cultivating Qi (Chi) “life energy” to enrich one’s life by controlling and …

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Attaining Mastery

Mastery of Qigong - assembling the puzzel

The Master looked at his new apprentice…….. “Here, have these” he said as he handed over a lump of rough-hewn wood and a saw. He showed the apprentice how to use the saw and said “Go saw”. He was then taught how to keep his saw sharp and clean. When the apprentice got the hang …

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Taoist Wisdom

“A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” (Lao Tzu)Your Qigong journey should have preconceptions. Focus on the few and miss the many of the myriad of qualities of Qi. —————————————– “He, who rushes ahead, does not go far.” (Lao Tzu)Some of my hill walking friends like to get to …

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Working with the Yin Meridians

Working with the Yin Meridians - Metal

Qigong and the Yin Meridians When working with the Yin Meridians, Qigong can have a profound effect on specific ailments and help provide a route back to well-being. Each Element has its own qualities and governs certain aspects of our being. Therefore they have an impact on ailments that are associated with the things that …

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Five Taoist Yin Qigong – Course Feedback

The Five Taoist Yin Qigong - Fire

Comments from students From Dale “Enhance health and expand consciousness. The instructor is easy to understand and he presents clear explanations for the movements and their benefits.” From Junior ” Yes often times Qi Gong Courses are too pricey and give you little explanation. As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, it is nice to have …

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Listening Jing – enhance your Qigong

Listening Jing. Take time to be aware of the changes in your Qi.

Without Listening Jing (listening to the Qi) you cannot do Qigong.  Without listening you are merely doing aerobic exercises. Disconnected piano keys Imagine a piano where the keys are not connected to the hammers.  Every key sounds the same, the same dull clunk.  It is only when the key is re-attached that the strings can …

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Stress and Respiration – Breathe your stress away

stress management - stressed out

Stress and Respiration The relationship between stress and respiration is a chicken and egg one.  Which came first?  Psychological stress impacts on respiration.  It often induces shallower, more rapid, breathing. Shallow, rapid, breathing can induce physiological stress that causes physical anxiety.  Those feelings of anxiety that are often described as “butterflies”, the ones that can …

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Thinking About Insomnia Keeps Me Awake!


Everyone has one of those nights when they cannot drop off to sleep. Insomnia on one of those nights is not a problem but when it runs to two, three,four and more there is most definitely a problem. Our sleeping hours turn into hours of restlessness and the hours when we should be awake and …

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Qigong for Back Pain – Which is Best


I’m often asked which is the best Qigong for back pain. There are a number of exercises that I teach any of my Shiatsu clients who have chronic back pain, each tailored to the individual, and always with the advice that they are practiced to the easy motion barrier (To the point BEFORE it becomes …

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