Ten Fundamental Treasures Qigong Course

Known as the Ten Fundamental Exercises, or the Ten Fundamental Treasures Qigong, this set is beneficial to mind, body, and spirit. “Fundamental”  refers to the action that these exercises have on the health, well-being and vitality of the practitioner.  They can be practiced as individual exercises, or as an entire set.  The physical aspects will strengthen, tone and increase flexibility.  The energetic aspects bring about harmonious flow of Qi.

June 2018

The Ten Fundamental Treasures


  • Uphold the Heavens to Empower the Three Burning Spaces (San Jiao)
  • Harmonising Spleen and Stomach
  • Looking Backward
  • Pulling the Bow to Shoot the Hawk
  • Shaking the Head and Waving the Tail
  • Holding the Fists Tightly and Gazing with Angry Eyes
  • Abdominal Lift
  • Spring with the Toes
  • Hold the Toes and Strengthen the Kidneys
  • Change the Sinews (Yi Chin)



If you wish to organise a Ten Fundamental Treasures Qigong course, or are interested in any of our Qigong courses for your group, please use the form on the Contact Us page.


Workshop details:

  • Location – East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire – location map
  • Date – 9th & 10th June 2018
  • Time – 10.00 till 16:00
  • Cost – £120.00
  • Details – Focusing on posture, on learning Qigong, in depth, and gaining awareness of Qi flow.
  • Instructor – Des Lawton
  • Guidelines – Can be viewed here
  • Further information – ‘Phone Des on 01355266011 or use the form on the Contact Us


Ten Fundamental Treasures Course

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