Stress Management

Are you suffering from stress?

Stress causes changes in your body, both physiological and psychological. It affects your physical and emotional wellbeing.  A moderate amount can be a great motivator and stimulant to meet deadlines and is not, in itself, a bad thing.  It is when we are under constant stress, when deadlines are not being met, when goalposts are constantly shifting, when the cause is out of our control that the negative effects are felt.

Do any of these apply to you?hard day at the office - stress kills but stress management can defeat stress

  • Have you forgotten what quality time feels like?
  • Have you lost control over your life and want/need to regain it?
  • Are you finding it impossible to make decisions?
  • Is your immune system low, and could you feel better within yourself?
  • Are you under pressure and in need of some support?


If the answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone. You are among the very many people who are suffering from stress. As a simple guide to your own stress levels, try filling out our on line Stress Evaluation Form.

Stress Management can counter depression, anxiety, panic attacks, grief, anger, addiction, weight loss, weight gain, over-eating, fears, insomnia.


Stress Management

The Pro Holistic approach to the management, lowering, and release of stress is truly holistic in that it tackles both cause and effect. By utilising the Pro Holistic method By utilising the Pro Holistic method you can reduce your stress levels, increase your immune system, regain control over your life, and learn to enjoy life.

severe stress lowers productivityOur stress management treatment course, which typically runs over six sessions, uses a blend of Shiatsu, breathing exercises, guided relaxation, and self-programming techniques. Each course is tailored to suit the particular requirements of the client. As with all our other therapy treatments, our Stress Management service is completely confidential.

Each year in the UK over 9 million days are lost to stress.  How many of those days are yours? See the HSE report H.S.E. Stress-related and psychological disorders.


Treatment prices: –

  • Stress Management (aprox 1 hour) – £32.00 or £280 for a ten-session block booking
  • Home visits – Price on application

Please contact us for further details by calling us on 01355266011, or using the form on the Contact Us page.